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Rafał Blechacz  piano 


Rafal Blechacz
Rafal Blechacz - DR


Bach Partita No. 2 BWV 826
Beethoven Sonata No. 5 Op. 10 No. 1
Variations in C minor 
Franck Prélude, Fugue et Variations Op. 18
Chopin Sonata No. 3 Op. 58

Since winning First Prize in the prestigious Chopin International Piano Competition in Warsaw in 2005 at the age of twenty, Polish pianist Rafal Blechacz has had a flawless career. His rigour, commitment and perfectionism command respect as he carves out a professional path for himself. This is all the more remarkable as he has taken a sabbatical year to complete his PhD thesis on the philosophy of music. Onstage, he plays with total clarity, precise articulation, peerless attack, and subtly varied dynamics. All these ingredients reveal his astounding grasp of the science of sophistication, without detracting from the true poetry of sound. This evening he demonstrates the pared-back elegance of Bach, the power of Beethoven, the tender melancholy of Chopin, and the colour palette of Franck.

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Rafał Blechacz Chopin Piano Competition